The Experience

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 the 2020 Winterwoodz experience has been altered slightly to fit with social distancing restrictions. Please see the homepage and our facebook page for details or get in touch with any questions.

Visitors to WinterWoodz enter through reception at their pre-booked start time into a place where Christmas is the only thing that matters.

To the sound of your favourite Christmas music wander through¬† to the letter writing workshop where your designated elf will assist your family in writing your child’s letter to Santa. Choose your paper, note down your wishes, add glitter or stickers and have it checked by the chief elf before sealing the envelope. Add the Winterwoodz Magic Mail stamp and you’re ready to move on.

Once your letter has been approved, take a forest walk through the woods to Mrs Claus’s Cabin where Santa’s wife herself is waiting to tell you a festive story¬† to get you in the mood.

When the lamp post glows the postbox is ready to receive your letters. In your group escorted by your elf you’ll take another short forest walk to the clearing where the postbox sits.

To activate the magic you’ll be asked to say the ancient enchantment that gives the postbox it’s powers.

“I’ve travelled far to post my letter,
All year long I’ve been good, or better.
Please send my wishes safe and sound,
To the pole where Santa can be found.
So he can read without delay,
What I’d like most on Christmas Day.”



Once the charm is complete and the postbox signals itself ready, your child will post their letter. (After posing for photos of course). When all letters are posted and the box has done it’s thing (We don’t want to give too much away here),you’ll be taken to see Santas reindeer at the reindeer retreat hotel where there is a small market / cafe for your child’s free hot drink and maybe some cake and browse the stocking fillers / souvenirs before your session closes.

Before you leave – don’t forget to pick up your childs letter from Santa acknowledging their letter and wishing them a Happy Christmas!


PLEASE NOTE: The majority of this experience is outside and includes a forest walk. Please dress for both terrain and weather accordingly. We recommend footwear with grip and ankle support and multiple layers including one waterproof.